About the Company

The Zygmunt Kulig Ceramic Tiles Manufacture in Stalowa Wola was established in the year 1983. It was the period of the complete decline of nearly all Polish ceramic tile manufacturers. Only few establishments survived. The cause was the initiation of a large-scale project for household gas service infrastructure throughout the entire country. With our business under such dire circumstances, we were forced to become the revivers of the wonderful profession of the tiler and to demonstrate the beauty and usefulness of tiles anew.

A whole new universe of ceramic tiles had to be built. To do this, we took three new opportunities, which had remained undiscovered in the post-war era:

  1. the new technology (tile casting);
  2. the production of ceramics tiles only by manual labour and only from Polish materials;
  3. the combination of manual work with the artistically creative mind.

We were the first ones in that time to produce tiles for circular stoves, relief tiles, painted tiles and ceramic details for building even the most fanciful ceramic tile bodies. Today we have over 300 different tile forms.

Between the years 1983 and 2004, each our tile pattern was certified by the National Artistic and Ethnographic Committee of the "Cepelia" Foundations as handicraft products. Handicraft has practically disappeared since 2004. This is a great loss for the Polish craft in general, as well as for the Polish folk culture and art.

Our pride and specialty is the reconstruction of old ceramic tile bodies. A part of our achievements in this field is presented under "Vintage reconstructions".

The materials used by our Company to produce tiles and the tiles themselves have quality certificates and are solely of domestic origin.

The best recommendation for our tiles are thousands of ceramic stoves, kitchen stoves and ranges, fireplaces and fireplace stoves built and operated at our customers in the whole country. Since our beginning, we have been also carrying out novel concepts to provide our customers with genuine ceramic tile heating bodies which are robust, long-lasting and available at attractive prices. We have always been specialising in the manufacture and construction of heat accumulation bodies in the form of fireplaces, fireplace stoves and ceramic tile stoves and kitchen ranges which bring together the joy of real fire and indoor heating.

Our design and customer service offices use the latest computer software to meet the expectations of even the most demanding individuals in a professional manner. A team of stove fitters at the Ceramic Tiles Manufacture turns the ideas and expectations of our customers into real structures.

Our competition began to grow in the 1990s. It is the companies which imitate our technology and concepts. This, however, has had no negative effect on our business; on the contrary even, it has been stimulating our initiative to create new tile designs, and to design and build fireplaces, fireplace stoves, stoves and kitchen ranges which satisfy the taste of our customers and are within their financial capacities. We respect a competition which is based on sound and fair rules.