The proces of producing tiles, requiring human involvement, manual work, precise decoration, attention to detail, combined with the variability of the material structure so characteristic of ceramic production, brings benefits in the form of unique patterns. At the same time, it is very rewarding to make a creative contribution to the maintenance and development of stove fitter art by reconstructing historic tiles and producing various new tile forms. Despite of the wide range of production, from classic designs to modern forms, we try to focus on the old way of thinking about applied arts. Participation in the cultivation of centuries-old , traditional stove fitting techniques often results in the creation of real piece of art.

Combining the technology of casting tiles with handicraft , using historical patterns and modern solutions and design we create  a large space for the wide use of tiles in  a functional and decorative nature so different from many modern solutions used construction.

Popular for centuries tiled stoves are certainly a special source of natural and pleasant heat. They seem to be an indispensable home elements.

Contemporary forms and various colours reflect the current trends in interior design giving them a unique charm.